Sunday, April 08, 2007

Polarguard Delta Vest - 2.45 ounces

Polarguard Delta Vest - 2.45 ounces

I want to include a light insulated vest in my May/June "SuperUltraLight" (SUL) AT hike gear list. The problem was weight. Even if the BMW Cocoon Vest had been out it would have still weighed over 6 ounces for a size medium.

Since my Polarguard Delta / Silk Sleeping Bag (8.76 oz) worked so well I decided to make a Vest out of Polarguard Delta and Silk.

To keep the Vest weight as low as possible I made it similar to a pull over but without sides. No collar, no zippers, no pockets, all insulation and a little Silk. The construction should have been easy but about half way through I realized my sewing sequence was off. I normally make a full size prototype but I had made something like this once about 12 years ago. Now I was doing everything the hard way.

Anyway it is done and weights a little less than my forecast of 2.5 ounces. Total weight is 2.45 ounces.


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