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Cuben Pack-1.5 ounces

Cuben Pack-1.5 ounces
Made - 09/24/2006

The pack is 5.5" x 11" x 18" with two side pockets. I expect to use this pack for a Sub 2 pound hike in October 2006.

I used two different weight Cuben Fibers. The more or less standard light product CTO.3K.08 which is about 0.35 ounce per sq yard and CTO.3HBK.08 (4 cord) and about 0.5 ounce per sq yard. You can tell the difference in the pictures. The lower part of the pack, pack straps and reinforced areas are the heavier fiber.

I was asked for a copy of my pack pattern:

Sorry, I don't do patterns.

A pack is just a box shape made to what ever size I/you need or want. I make a full size cardboard mockup. I add everything to the mockup such as side pockets, reinforcement spots, any loops I might want etc. When I get it like I want my real pack to be I take the mockup apart and use the pieces for my pattern.

The small black tabs along the edge of the pack are for running a compression cord.

This pack is for my Sub 2-lb, Sub 3-lb and Sub 4-lb gear list. To decide how big I need to make any pack I first lay out everything that might need to go into it. For the Sub 2-lb pack I made a cardboard box to us as a guide. I also want to use the pack for a Sub 3-lb and Sub 4-lb gear list if possible so I made it a little larger. I then made 4 pack bags of different sizes out of Wally World $ a yard stuff. The mockup for this pack seemed to be about the right size. The compression cords will give me a lot of options. I have also added a way to attach something like a small water bottle to each shoulder strap.

I really like an external frame for my pack. It is very hard to avoid the " sweaty back syndrome" with the frameless or internal style pack. It is just hard to make an external frame and pack bag light enough for a Sub 2-lb gear list for use during cooler weather.

I just came back from a 2 mile walk with about 8 pounds in my new pack. It will workout OK as my eating plan is to stop every 90 minutes and eat about 280 calories. This eating schedule will give me a bunch of short breaks and let my back dry out if necessary during my hiking day.

I have added a couple new features to my new Cuben pack. I added a sternum strap and attached 4 small "D" rings to the webbing. I also added a small plastic fitting to the bottom end of the webbing for the shoulder straps (shows up white in the picture. I have a small piece of cord attached to each fitting so I can use it like a "Hip-String" belt if I need to.

The pictures show the pack with 9 pounds in it.

I have a couple more things I want to change on the pack and will make a new one when I get back from my hike. One thing I have planned is to lower the sternum strap. For me it is a little to high up. That changes with a lighter load and if I can I would like to make one that will slide up or down a little.

My Hip-String - I have walked about 10 miles using it. With a pack this light (my expected hike pack load is between 7 and 8 pounds) I thought I wanted a way to control any movement at the bottom of the pack. It adds almost no extra weight and I like it tied better than lose. I have done the same thing to my slightly modified G6. My G6 is under 3 ounce. It has several modifications and I have a few more planned.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill, this will add some grams, but I have sewn an add-on water bottle carrier pack replacing my sternum strap and held on with velcro to my pack's front shoulder straps.

I don't know how to post photos or I would visually show you my set-up

Water on one's front side advantage? Way better weight balance.

I got the idea and developed it from AARN backpacks. Which by the way is an beautiful pivoting backkpack. I have a buddy who has one and other than the weight, it is a VERY comfortable internal pack.

Hope I didn't bore you ... just wanted you to think about getting your H2O on your chest instead of your back ... pack.

Question ... When you list your weights, what are your 'P' & 'W' acronymns?

Bivy Sack 3.00-p ?
Tilly LT6 Hat 3.25-w ?

Thanks !

Monday, March 24, 2008 10:40:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

p = in pack
w = worn

Wednesday, November 04, 2009 10:47:00 AM  
Blogger gardenville said...


Did you or someone else just answer you old question?

Sorry I didn't answer this question.

At one time I did not have this set-up to send me comments first so I am not sure I ever saw your question

I carry my (while hiking) water in a small very light plastic soda bottle on a cord around my neck. The water carried on the pack is my extra water or my liquid food.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009 11:14:00 AM  

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