Sunday, February 04, 2007

Cuben / Pertex Quantum / Climashield Combat Sleeping Bag.

Cuben / Pertex Quantum / Climashield Combat Sleeping Bag.

I started this sleeping bag yesterday afternoon. Using the pattern from the all Cuben Sleeping bag saved a lot of time and I was able to finish the Sleeping Bag this morning. I did not make a hood or a collar for this bag so that saved a little time and weight. The opening has a circumference of 70 inches and the foot end of the bag has a circumference of 30 inches. The bag is 80 inches long. The opening has an elastic draw cord.

The shell material is Black Pertex Quantum and weighs 1.03 ounces per sq yard. Momentum90 from would be a great direct replacement for the Pertex Quantum if I couldn't get the PT-Quantum.

I used a panel of Cuben Fiber (0.42 ounces per sq yard) for the non-insulated bottom part.

The insulation for this sleeping bag is two layers of Climashield Combat. My insulation weighs 2.13 ounces per sq yard. The Clo for Climashield Combat is 0.79. This gives me a Clo number for the two layers of 3.365. This is more or less equivalent to 3.365 inches of loft (think Down) for temperature range planning.

Weight of the Pertex Quantum: (1.03 ounces per sq yard)
1 layer of PT-Q = 2.91 ounces. 2 layers required = (5.61 ounces - trimmed weight.)
2.91 ounces = 2.83 sq yards of material x 2 = 5.66 sq yards of material.

Weight of the Cuben: (0.42 ounces per sq yard)
1 layer for the non-insulated part of the bottom = 0.53 ounces.

Weight of the Climashield Combat: (10.39 ounces)
Clo for 2 layers of Climashield Combat - 3.365 = 3.365" loft +/-.

Weight of the shell (2 pieces of PT-Q. the 2 layers of Climashield Combat and sewing them together) = 453.6 grams / 16 ounces.

Total weight goal was 17 ounces.
Total Weight is 473.4 grams or 16.7 ounces.

This shows the two layers of Climashield Combat insulation.

The finished Sleeping Bag.

This shows the Cuben Fiber non-insulated bottom insert.


Shell Material:
Pertex Quantum - Not available for retail sales.

Momentum90 - Direct replacement

Cuben Fiber

Cuben Fiber

Cuben Fiber


Climashield Combat


Climashield XP


Tiny Cord locks

Shock Cord


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