Saturday, January 13, 2007

Cuben Fiber Pack Bag for a Winter Hike

Cuben Fiber Pack Bag for a Winter Hike.
Finished Pack Bag weighs 2.54 ounces.

I start each pack with a full size mock-up.

I am using a type of Cuben Fiber with a 4-way cord pattern. This fiber is really strong and still only weighs 0.49 ounces per squard yard.

This is the finished "pouch" for my Snow Shoes.

Lots of small parts go into a pack.

This is the packs front pocket with the "pouch" for the Snow Shoes sewn on to it.

Side panels for the pack.

The finished pack bag is 6" x 13.5" x20". The front pocket is 13.5" x18" x 2". The roll top is 12" tall.

The pack with stuff in it and with the Snow Shoes attached.

Cuben packs small and the Cuben Pack Bag weighs 2.54 ounces.

Questions and My Comments from another site:

pj - Robert - Phil:
Thanks for the nice comments.

I have a great computer(s) (3 - Apples) but don't have a Cad / Cam program. I would rather make a full size mock-up and attach all the loops, straps, hardware, etc and tape or glue them where I think I want them. Then I decide how and when to sew them on the pack panels. I try and figure out where and when to sew stuff together so it will be as strong as possible.

This Cuben Fiber is the strongest I have worked with so far. I have 3 other Cuben products that are even stronger. The price for the stronger Cuben fiber is in the extra weight. I have never had a problem with the lighter Cuben fiber. One of the packs I used on my GA Hike was made out of the very light stuff and some of same material this pack uses. The only pack I have owned that tore in a spot was from me doing a swan dive downhill after tripping over a hidden tree root. I fell on my side - on the pack - and ripped a tear in it about 7" long. My pack liner was OK and kept everything in my pack from falling out. I did put some duct tape on the tear and went on.

The real test will come on a long hike and may answer pj's question "Thru-Hike durability". I will have a back up for my Cuben items if I need or want to change stuff out. I will go to a smaller pack as soon as I am able to drop some of the cold weather gear.

The frame doesn't morph into a tent - yet. I am still working on the frame but it will turn into a way to hold one of my trekking poles with my Gorillapod wrapped around the top of it holding my camera.


Anonymous greg said...

Hi Bill - once again - nice job . can you tell me what the cuben code # was for that 4 way fibre cuben and what the approx. weight is per sq.yd., and do you have any excess hd cuben you would sell?

Friday, March 16, 2007 4:09:00 PM  
Blogger gardenville said...

The Cuben product number is CTO.3HBK.08 and I have the weight listed as 0.49 oz to 0.52 oz per sq yard. When I bought that product I also bought another product and I only have a total price for both plus shipping. I can't tell how much the 4 (way) cord cost but I think it was a lot higher than the lighter fiber.

You should call Cuben at 1-480-641-0438 or email at and ask for a current price and availablity.

Sorry I don't have any extra.

Saturday, March 17, 2007 10:37:00 PM  
Blogger Chris Folk said...

do they still produce this 4 way cord cuben fibre?

Saturday, October 08, 2016 5:01:00 AM  
Blogger gardenville said...

Hi Chris,

Check out he comment above.

You can try and contact Cuben (I think they may have changed the name) at the phone number listed. I just called the phone number and got an answer - answering machine and got a recording to leave a message. So the phone number seems to still be good. Will see if I get a call back. They may not be open yet as I am in a different time zone. If you phone them ask about the product number I listed above and any other 4 way product they may still make. I have some that weighs almost 1 ounce a square yard that I used a couple of times for seem reinforcement tape and side and bottom panels for its extra strength.

Saturday, October 08, 2016 9:27:00 AM  

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