Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hood Project: Continued

A Teaser for Ryan - #2 Wool Hoody
Patagonia #2 Wool Hoody - Next

I am about finished with the pattern phase of this project. One slight adjustment to my pattern and I will be ready to add a Hood to my Patagonia #2 Wool Zip. The necessary Hood material will come from my original Patagonia #2 Wool Crew. I have made three Hoods out of Silk Weight Capilene for practice as I don't want to ruin the material from my #2 Wool Crew.

The Patagonia (Merino) Wool Hoody will have a few other modifications. I have a Icebreaker item with thumb-cuffs and something like them will be added.

The Hood will have a draw cord so it can be tightened and pulled up over my nose if I want to.

The hem on the Patagonia Wool item is made a little long and it is longer on the back. It might be long enough to meet Ryan's requirement.

I have to think about how a set of "tuck-away" mittens might be added to the sleeves so they will not be in the way. The Merino does compress small and I have a couple of ideas on how the mitten idea might work.

I guess a day or so will tell if everything works or if I just ruin my wool crew.


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