Friday, November 10, 2006

Primaloft One - 1.8 per square yard

Primaloft One - 1.8 per square yard:

I received a sample of PrimaLoft One in the 1.8 ounce per square yard weight (stated weight). My first reaction is "boy that stuff is thin". The clo for this product is 0.84. With the stated weight of 1.8 ounce I would have a clo of 1.51. The packing/compression size for the 1.8 ounce stuff has to be very small vs some of the other insulation I am working with. It looks nice but you can be the judge of that as you look over the pictures.

The first thing I make with the Primaloft One will be a Bivy Liner/Quilt. It will be the same size as the one I made out of Climashield Combat. I will run some tests and see if it is as warm as the Climashield Combat. The clo of the Climashield Combat in the Liner/Quilt I made was 1.59 just a small amount higher than the 1.51 of the PrimaLoft One.


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