Saturday, November 11, 2006

Third Element - Clone Plus - Part 1

Paramo "Third Element" Clone Plus
Part 1

Several months ago I saw the new Paramo "Third Element" Jacket. The "Third Element" is more a system that can be used as a full Hooded Jacket or will come apart and become a Vest without a Hood and Sleeves. It can also be a Vest with Sleeves but it can not become a Hooded Vest.

Paramo "Third Element"

What I am trying to make is an insulated Jacket System that will be:

1 - A stand alone Jacket with or without the Hood or the Sleeves.

2 - A stand alone Vest with or without the Sleeves or the Hood

3 - The attachment system needs to be simple and not use zippers if possible.

I started with the "KWIK Sew" Hooded Vest pattern but I am modifying the pattern as I go. I have made the pattern as a Hooded Vest to see how much of the original pattern will work.


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