Sunday, January 04, 2009

Winterizing My Cuben Fiber Hammock.

I am working on a way to extend the use of my Cuben Fiber Hammock down to a low temperature such as 20 or so F.

I have always used a sleeping pad or my Stephensons Warmlight Down Air Mattress (DAM) inside my Hammock when I need more insulation to keep my backside warm. When I made my Cuben Fiber Hammock I had less room inside the Cuben Hammock then I did in my Silk Hammock.

Paul, I friend of mine and Hammock Hanger had talked a lot about double bottom Hammocks. I didn't want to use another large piece of my Cuben Fiber just for a double bottom. This afternoon I had an idea, why not tie my Cuben Poncho/ Tarp under my Hammock. I have to make another larger Tarp so I could multi-use the Poncho / Tarp when necessary.

The following pictures tell the rest. The temperature while I was doing this was 38 degrees F with a nice wind blowing. I have to say I am pleased so far with how this has turned out. To test the setup I got into the Hammock. My weight presses me into the Down Air Mattress. The longer a was in the Hammock the warmer my back got. The Poncho/Tarp edges fold over some and encase the Down Air Mattress holding it in place.

How much does all this weigh:

Cuben Hammock Hanging - 6.65 ounces
Double Bottom - Cuben Poncho / Tarp - 2.8 ounces.
Warmlight Down Air Mattress - 24.53 ounces.
Inflate Bag - 2.8 ounces.

Total weight: 36.78 ounces

I am not real happy about the weight of the DAM but I have used it for several years and trust it down to near 0 degrees on the ground.

I will be working on what I use for top insulation over the next few days. I may be able to make back some of the weight I gave up for the DAM.







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