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Un-supplied / Un-Supported Hike - 650+ miles along the AT

A. Reference material on the subject:

1. The "How Far? How Fast?" Challenge

2. Unsupported/Unresupplied/Thru-Hikes

3. What does "unsupported" stand for to you?

4. Gear List for a Mid-January AT Start

5. Diet for High Mileage Long Hikes

6. Trips & Trip Reports (LEGACY POSTS FROM OLD FORUMS)

B. Why this research? For now only the shadow knows.

C. Gear List

NOTE: This is an old gear list that will be used as the format for a new "hike specific" gear list. Most of the items on this list will be replaced as I decide on the gear necessary for a hike of the type listed above.

1. PACK - SHELTER - SLEEPING: The following list is only a guide/shell at this time for the items I expect to need.

Pick List or to make:

1-a. Backpack (?) MYOG - Cuben / Mod G6 6.0(?)

1-b. New External Pack Frame(?) Current Frame 22.0

1-c. Pack liner(?) GG-med 1.35

1-d. Shelter(?) MYOG (?)
1-d-1. Sleep at a Shelter but carry a small Tarp 5.0(?)


1-e. Sleeping System(?) MYOG (?)
1-e-1. Some type DAM(?)
- WarmLight DAM 24.53 oz - Inflate Bag 2.79 oz 27.32
1-e-2. Polarguard Delta Quilt/Tunic 7.82
1-e-3. Climashield - Combat Quilt/Liner - Good to 42 degrees in Bivy 6.64
1-e-4. MYOG - Down Quilt 4" to 4.5" loft - good to "O" degrees F(?) 17.0
1-e-5. GG ThinLight Pad - 3/8"(?) 6.91
1-e-6. GG ThinLight Pad - 1/4"(?) 5.33
1-f. Bivy Sack (?) Sleeping at a Shelter or with a Tarp. 3.0

1-g. Ground Sheet (?) Use with Bivy or Tent GG Polycryo Cloth (M) 1.65

2. CLOTHING: The following list is only an example guide/shell at this time for the items I expect to need.

Pick list or MYOG replacement:
Hiking Pants?
Patagonia Silk Boxers(M) 3.92(?)
Patagonia #1 Capailene Briefs(M)(?) 1.57(?)
Patagonia - Active Wind Brief(M)(?) 2.0(?)
New Balance Running Shorts 4.51(?)
Base / wicking layer top (?)
2-a-1 RBH Designs NTS Shirt(M) 14.0w
2-a-2 Patagonia #2 Capilene(L) 5.76(?)
2-a-3 Patagonia #2 Wool Hoody(L) 8.0p
Base / wicking layer bottom (?)
2-b-1 RBH Designs NTS Pants(M) 13.0w
2-b-2 Patagonia #1 Capilene Bottoms(M) 4.59(?)
2-b-3 Patagonia #2 Wool Bottoms(L) 6.34p
2-b-4 Sahalie-Ultralight Tights(?) 1.6(?)
Insulating top (?)
2-c-1 Tunic-Poncho Liner / Quilt 7.65p
2-c-2 Hooded Vest (?)(To Make?) (?)
2-c-3 BMW - Cocoon Pullover(?)(XL) 9.9(?)

2-c-6 Vest)(?) 12.1(?)

Insulating bottoms (?)
2-d-1 Pants / sleeping bag bottom(?) (?)
2-d-2 Insulated Chaps - Legs or Arms(?) 9.6(?)
2-d-3 BMW - Cocoon Pants(L)(?) 8.1(?)
2-d-4 MB - Thermawrap Pants(L)(?) 11.4(?)
Raingear (top only)(?)
2-e-1 Cuben Poncho (2.8)
2-e-2 OR Celestial XL (12.7)?*
Raingear (bottoms) (?)
2-f-1 Cuben Chaps(?) ?
Waterproof glove shells(?)
2-g-1 Cuben Mitts 0.37p
2-g-2 OR Rain Mitts 3.1p
Windgear (soft shell) top(?) Marmont Ion size L 3.53p
Windgear (soft shell) bottoms(?) Cuben Chaps(?) ?
Glove Liners (?)
2-h-1 - size L Manzella - Power Dry 10 L(?) 1.128(?)
2-h-2 - size XL Possumdown(?) 1.4(?)
2-h-3 - size M Patagonia Lightweight Glove Liners(?) 0.83w

Warm hat (?) TNF - Fleece(?) 2.56(?)
Neck protection(?) ? ?
Socks (?) Wright-Sock 1/4 1.7p
Spare socks(?) Wright-Sock 1/4 1.7p
Toe Cozies(?) Climashield Combat 0.63(?)
Vapor Barrier Booties Cuben 0.23(?)
Vapor Barrier Booties Rocky Gore-Tex - size 10L(?) 3.33(?)
Vapor Barrier Socks RBH Designs - size 10(?) 3.32w
Trail Runners(?)
2-j-2 TNF Hedgehog XCR - size 11 32.3w
Trail Runner Overboots(?)
2-k-2 MYOG(?) ?
Clothing stuff sack (?) (?)
Pack: ? pounds Wear: ?
1 - Mitts will be worn on my feet at night to help keep them warm.
2 - Wear = ? oz. This is equal to "wear" most of the time. Very cold weather will require I wear more at times. very warm weather will require I wear less at times.

3. COOKING - WATER: The following list is only an example guide/shell at this time for the items I expect to need.

Pick List or MYOG replacement:

Stove(?) (?) 0.0
Windscreen (?) 0.0
Fuel bottle (?) 0.0
Matches / lighter Strike anywhere matches 0.2
Cook pot N/A 0.0
Cook pot lid N/A 0.0
Drinking mug 12 oz Soda Can 0.42
Utensils Home-Made Ti Spoon 0.23
Food storage bag Zip Locks(?) (?)
Bear bag hang system Weight counted with Pack 0.0
Water storage (?)
1 Liter Platy "bottle" 2 each(?) 1.56
Platy 2 Reservoir (?) 1.13(*) 0.0
Nalgene 48 oz Cantene(2.3oz) 4 serving Liquid Food container 55.0(*1)
Water treatment (?)
3-a-1. Katadyn Micropur MO1 Tablets (15 = 0.41) (0.41?) * re-weigh at 5 per day
3-a-2 Cuben Gravity Water Filter - If Taken - 5.61 (?)
Esbit Tablets 1 each(?) 0.5

*1 - ?? Start each day with the Nalgene Cantene full (4 servings) to save the prep time for the food while hiking. 1 serving with water is equal to 13.2 ounces.

4. MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS: The following list is only an example guide/shell at this time for the items I expect to need.

Pick List or MYOG replacement:

Flashlight / LED 1 white photon(CR2016x1) 0.2c
Headlamp/LED Atom-Cyclops(CR2016x2) 0.89p(?)
Headlamp/LED Petzl e+Lite (CR2032x2) 0.92p
Headlamp/LED Princeton Tec Quad(3AAA-Reg) 3.48p
Trekking poles (3.67 x 2) Home-Made Trekking Pole 7.35c
Headnet(?) When necessary- add 0.33 oz 0.0p(?)
Ear plugs (?) 0.07p
Bug dope When necessary 0.0p
Blistex Ultra 1.0p
Toothbrush toothbrush 0.2p
Toothpaste (use Dr. Bronner's) 0.0p
Soap(?) Dr. Bronner's soap 0.2p
Toilet paper 6 squares per day (?)p
Potty trowel Home-Made Ti 0.31p
Wet Ones Pack of 15 (0.21 oz each) (?)p
First Aid Kit
4-a-1 Blister & minor wound care 2.3p
4-a-2 Hydropel Ointment (?)p
4-a-3 Boudreaux's Butt Paste (?)p
Whistle Attached to Sternum Strap 0.1c
Firestarting kit 0.2p
Repair Kit
4-a-1 Extra Batteries (?)p
4-a-2 LED screw driver set-2 0.215p
4-a-3 Repair Parts (?)
Sun Glasses Good Ones 2.9(?) (?)

Watch 2.5c
Compass (on watch) 0.0c
Maps (?)c
Camera Kit
4-c-1 Casio - EX-Z750 5.5c
4-c-2 Gorillapod Tripod 1.5c
4-c-3 aloksak - 4x7 bag for camera & stuff 0.23
Journal Kit

4-d-2 Rite In The Rain notebook 0.7p
4-d-3 Nalgene Waterproof Pen 0.3p
4-d-4 Cell Phone(?) (?)

Pack ? pounds Wear ? oz / ? pounds

5. CONSUMABLES: The following list is only an example guide/shell at this time for the items I expect to need.

Pick List:


More to come on the subject from time to time.


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