Friday, April 25, 2008

Pertex Quantum Vest - 31 grams / 1.09 ounces

31 gram - 1.09 ounce Pertex Quantum Vest

I am working on a set of "Ultra" - "Super Ultra Light" gear to support a "hot" weather hike. I had some Pertex Quantum (PQ) scrap left over from a sleeping bag project and sewed the pieces together. I have wondered about using PQ for a hiking vest, shirt and a pair of shorts for some time now. The scrap piece looked big enough to make a vest like garment.

The scrap PQ was Black but if I decide this works I have a couple of other colors to use that might be cooler.

The PQ vest uses a simple to make "pull-over" design. The tan shorts are for contrast.


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