Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sub 1 lb. Gear List - Intellectual Exercise - Version 1 - 15.3 Ounces


1-a. Pack
1-a-1. MYOG - Cuben Pack - 1.5 oz (maybe lighter - Final weight = Final size necessary)

This picture is to show my 1.5 ounce Cuben Pack. The picture was taken on my Sub 2 pound hike on the AT.
Springer Mountain - Oct 2006 - Temperature was 37 degrees F. It stayed cool with a good breeze all day but did warm up to about the mid 40's. Perfect weather for a hike.

1-b. Shelter
1-b-1. MYOG - Cuben Poncho / Tarp - 5.45 - worn so weight = 0.
1-b-2. MYOG - Hybrid Hammock Tarp / Poncho - 2 oz -under development

1-c. Sleeping
1-c-1. MYOG - Cuben Hammock - 4.67 oz - worn so weight = 0.

1-c-2. MYOG - Bug System - (under development)

Note: This is my first attempt at folding these items so I can wear them. I have several ideas that should make them look a bit better. It is about 80 F and sunny here today. I am going to take a walk sometime this afternoon and see if I get to hot. If I am to hot I might have to try "commando" and see if that is any cooler.

Section 1 - working total to date - 1.5 ounces

2. - CLOTHING WORN - Does not count toward 1 pound goal.
2-a-1. Patagonia Silk Boxers. - 3.95 oz
2-a-2. Wright-Socks - 1.7 oz
2-a-3. Tilley Hat w/attached bug net- LT6 - 3.6 oz
2-a-4. Trail Runners - TNF - 28 oz
2-a-5. MYOG Gaiters - under-development
2-a-6. MYOG Silk Vest - 0.63 oz
2-a-7. Sun Glasses - 2.9 oz
2-a-8. MYOG Trekking Poles (3.67 oz x 2 =7.35 oz)

Section 2 Weight Total - Weight of items worn does not count toward 1 pound goal.

3-a-1. Sahalie Ultralight Tights - 1.6 oz
3-a-2. MYOG Cuben Rain Pants - 1.2 oz
3-a-3. MYOG Cuben Rain Mitts - 0.37 oz
3-a-4. MYOG Cuben Rain Booties - 0.23 oz
3-a-5. MYOG Pertex Quantum Vest. - 1 oz.
3-a-6. MYOG - Insulated Vest - 3.38 oz

Section 3 - total weight - 7.78 oz.

4 - COOKING AND HYDRATION SYSTEMS - In Pack / Under Construction

4-a-1. 12 oz Soda Can - mix and drink liquid food. - 0.423 oz
4-a-2. MYOG - Long Handle Ti Spoon - 0.28 oz
4-a-3. Platy 2 Reservoir (2L) 1.13 x 2 = 2.26 oz
4-a-4. Water Treatment - Klear Water ? in micro bottle - 0.05 oz

Section 4. - working total to date - 3.01

5 - MISCELLANY - In Pack

5-a-1. LED - Mirco - 0.2 oz
5-a-2. Deet - container weight only counts -
5-a-3. Soap - Tooth Paste etc - Dr. Bonner's - container weight only counts -
5-a-4. First Aid/Blister Kit - 1 oz - Diet ???
5-a-5. MYOG Ti Potty Trowel - 0.31 oz
5-a-6. Nalgene Waterproof Pen - 0.3 oz
5-a-7. Fire Starter Kit - 1.1 oz - Diet ???

Section 5 weight total 2.9 oz.

Total weight that counts toward is equal to 15.3 ounces if my math is correct.


TOTAL SKIN-OUT WEIGHT - Less Consumables (Food, Fuel, and Water, etc)

6 - CONSUMABLES (Medicine, Food, Fuel, Water, etc) (We Decide - A small group of Emergency items might also go here but with a low Max weight limit. What are your thoughts??? )

My Food:

My dry food is packed in coffee filters and then the empty coffee filter is used as TP. Each serving of dry food is equal to 282.5 calories. I mix this with about 8 ounces of water and drink it. I have two servings in the morning before hiking and then every 90 minutes while I am hiking I have one serving. At the end of the hiking day I have two servings. Each serving weighs about 2.32 ounces and gives me a total balance of all the nutritional stuff I need.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have given me much food for thought. I will be incorporating some of your ideas in my summer/fall excursions in the Pike national forest. Thanks for sharing and may your journeys be great.

David in CO

Tuesday, July 15, 2008 11:38:00 PM  
Blogger Dale said...

I think it would be beneficial to your health to work on the diet a little more. Like incorporating real food and variety. Try working with freeze dried and dehydrated fruits, vegetables & beans and dried meats.

Monday, October 12, 2009 10:03:00 AM  
Blogger gardenville said...

Hi Dale,

Thanks for the concern about my diet.

You would have had no way to know this but as a result of throat cancer I can not chew anything. If I try to eat "real" food it has to be cut very small and then I do what I call a "controlled - I hope - choke".

I can not get enough real food in me before my throat gives out to maintain my weight.

I have been on a 100% liquid diet (Ensure Liquid) for over 4 years. I was lucky that Ensure has a dry form. If it wasn't for that I would not be able to hike at all. If it wasn't for Ensure or other Liquid food I would be so under-weight that I might have a problem doing anything.

I do take a few extra vitamin's.

Monday, October 12, 2009 2:11:00 PM  

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