Sunday, April 02, 2006

Tale of Two Alphamid's(TM) ~ MYOG ~ Storm Cap - Part 2

Tale of Two Alphamid's(TM) ~ MYOG ~ U-L & SUL - Part 2

Storm Cap:

One of the accessories that I had planned for my small tent is a "Storm Cap/Poncho". I have finished the Storm Cap prototype. The Storm Cap will do several things. It will act as a porch to cook under and a little extra space for my pack etc. I can leave it part or full open when the weather is nice or close it up tight as necessary. In some ways it acts like a tent fly. The Storm Cap might even be big enough to sleep under if the weather is really nice. I will test that and see how well it will cover me.

The Storm Cap is made in a way that I can wear it as a hood-less Poncho if I want to. I will test that function and see how well it works as a Poncho. If the Storm Cap is made out of Cuben it should weigh about 1.5 oz.

I have a few more ideas that I will work on such as some bug netting around the bottom of the tent and the ground and bug netting doors.

Picture 1: Front - Open

Picture 2: Left Front Side Looking Down - Open

Picture 3: Tent Doors Closed

Picture 4: Tent Doors Closed

Picture 5: Left Front Side Looking Down - Storm Cap Closed

Picture 6: Right Side - Storm Cap Closed

Picture 7: Back - Storm Cap Open

Picture 8: Back - Storm Cap Closed

Storm Cap - Tarp Mode:

The Storm Cap would make a good fair weather tarp (some rain and a little wind should not be to big a problem) or a very light (about 1.5 oz est. for Cuben Fabric) tarp for a 2 or 3 day Super Ultra Light hike when you know just how long you are going to be out. It is just big enough for me to get completely under it if I lay on my side. I am a side sleeper anyway so I could make-do with this if I had a reason. It is wide enough to bring the sides to the ground if necessary and still give me room to sleep on my side.


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