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Neoprene Cozy for a Snow Peak 700ml Ti cup.

Neoprene Cozy for a Snow Peak 700ml Ti cup. (Made and posted first on 04/20/2005)

At the Outdoor Show last Jan/Feb ??2005 Snow Peak introduced a Neoprene cozy for their 600ml Ti cup. They said look for it ???? I don't remember the date but at least later this year or next, see picture.

I use a 700ml Ti cup and thought I would make a cozy for it. I ordered some 1/4" Neoprene from Quest Outfitters. I made a pattern and cut out my Neoprene. I left a
1/4" seam allowance and thought I could sew it on my sewing machine. No, to thick. I sewed it by hand. The weight of the cozy is 0.98oz. It might have cost $2.00 for materials. This is a very easy "do-it-yourself" project.

I have enough Neoprene to make 3 more cozy's. I will make at least one more for my Ti cup and maybe one for my most used cook pot.

Snow Peak Cozy:

My Clone:


Neporene cut-out, one piece:

Hand Sewn, inside out.

Ready to use.

I did a float test of a piece of neoprene in a pan of boiling water for about 15 minutes to see what would happen, nothing. I even checked the temperature of the boiling water in the Ti cup as soon as I put it into the cozy. The temperature went to about 202 degrees F. and then to 180 degrees F. real quick.

I am not going to worry about the neoprene, it can't catch on fire at that low temperature so I don't see what else there is to really worry about?

This was very easy to make. Once you cut out the neoprene all you need is a needle and some thread and a little time to hand sew it.

Snow Peak was to start selling their version sometime in May. They say they will sell a mug with the cozy. Price for the 450ml mug w/cozy will be $34.95. The 600ml mug w/cozy will be $39.95. That puts the cozy at about $15. It is nicer than the one I made but does it really have to be? Mine cost about $2.00 to make. I haven't checked there web site in awhile to see if it is listed yet.

Pot Cozy, SP 700ml Ti cup and the new Long Handle Titanium Spoon from

I wanted to store my home made Ti spoon or the new BMW Long Ti Spoon in the slot that is in stock SP lid. The BMW Ti Spoon was a little to big so I got a file and made the hole a little bigger. I think the lid is steel but what ever, it was easy to open up a little. It fits in the cup along with a small SP Gigi Power gas canister.

The scientific amoung us might say It will now take longer to boil water but I haven't noticed any difference in boil time. I also don't watch it that close. It is the old "Watch Pot Never Boils" thing


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