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Hyper-Light Gear List, The Final Frontier

As of: 31 March 2006

Hyper-Light Gear List, The Final Frontier

-Super Ultra Light
-Hyper-Light, The Final Frontier
Beam me up Scotty

I started using the term Hyper-Light back in 2004 to refer to my Poly-Tube DAM. It was so much lighter than anything you could buy. My Warmlite DAM weighed about 23oz and the Poly Tube DAM made with the same amount of Down (7oz) and using the lightested materials I could get would weigh about weighed about 12oz.

Today with Cuben material being used for so much gear I think the SUL concept of under 5 pounds can easily move to the One or Two Pound range. This list is for hiking on trails and not bushwacking. The gear needs to hold up at least as well as most of the current gear used for AT Thru-Hikes. For me that really is a lot of 3 to 5 day hikes, resupply and then another 3 to 5 days of hiking. Can this list work during the colder months? If not how much extra is necessary to make it work in the cold? Testing will be necessary to decide this question. Ryan's Winter Challenge hike may answer some of those questions.

This gear list will push the window to the limit for the material available today. New material is being developed all the time. I know of some that is being made as I type this. Some will be lighter and some will be so good that even if it isn't the lightest it will be better overal. For now I expect much of this gear to be "one of" custom made equipment.

The name for my home made gear is "6 Banana Designs". This name started as a sort of a parody but then I decided I liked it. It does fit with at least a little with the use of Cuben Fiber. So I am calling the Cuben Fiber Banana Skin.

An example will be my Pack. It will be similar to the G6 in size but maybe smaller. It will be made to accommodate many more possible features and the Pack Bag should start out at about 1oz. As much as possible everything will be multi-functional or more. The top cover of the pack may turn into the bag for my gravity water filter and also my Bear Bag.

The Pack will be a basic bag with an attachment system. Features can quickly be added as necessary by the use of a very light attachment system. Very light side mesh pockets for water bottles, longer side pockets for longer items, front mesh pocket (if/ when) needed, etc. This will be a basic bag that can be tailored to the needs of the hike or next section of trail or season.

The Pack will be made for a max load of 15 pounds and a resupply schedule of 3 or so days.

This after all is Hyper-Light Backpacking. I am not a trail runner or a speed hiker, I do however, expect to put in a good day on the trail and move along at a good pace. An AT Thru-Hike of 100 to 120 trail days should be a conservative estimate for me and my Hyper-light gear load.

This list will reflect the latest item being considered in each group and will be the only list I make on this thread. It will link the item to a picture or pictures when possible.


1st Cuben Pack
6 Banana Design Pack Bag - (???? oz)
6 Banana Design Stuff Sacks for Sleeping, Clothing, and Shelter Gear - (??? oz)
Alosack for ???? Small "Dry Bag" - (??? oz)
6 Banana Designs - Banana Skin Floating Bivy / Sleep System - (???? oz)
6 Banana Designs - Banana Skin Poncho / Tarp - (??? oz)
6 Vargo Shepherd's Hook Ti stakes- 1.20oz
BMW Aircore Spectra 1- 40’ (0.16 oz) 0.16oz
6 Banana Designs - Banana Skin (Down or PG-D) Quilt (??? oz)
6 Banana Designs - Banana Split Solo Tent - ( oz ??)


6 Banana Design Banana Skin or Tilley Hat - (???? oz)
6 Banana Design Silk s/s shirt / jacket - ???? oz
6 Banana Design Silk shorts w/mesh liners - ???? oz
???? Socks - ???? oz (1 of 2)
TNF Trail Runners - 28 oz (pair)
6 Banana Designs - Banana Skin Gaiters - (??? oz)
6 Banana Design Trekking Pole - 3.2 oz (1 of 2)


1 Pair ?????? Socks - 1.5 oz (2 of 2) - (??? oz)
6 Banana Designs - Banana Skin Rain Mitts - (???oz)
6 Banana Designs - Banana Skin Rain Pants - (???oz)
6 Banana Designs - Banana Skin Rain Jacket - (??? oz)
6 Banana Designs - Banana Skin Vest - (??? oz)
6 Banana Designs - Banana Skin Rain Booties - 0.22oz per pair
Sahalie Ultra-Light Tights - 1.6 oz
UL Down / PG-D Pants / Jacket Liner (See Note 2) - (??? oz)
??? Patagonia Dragon Fly - (???? oz)

6 Banana Designs - Banana Skin kitchen bag- 2- 0.10 oz
Rocks used for pot stand 0.00 oz
Ebsits to cook 3 meals using rocks for a pot stand (3 Esbits) 0.00oz
Waterproof matches w/ trick relighting birthday candle 0.30oz
6 Banana Design Sterno Can Cook Pot - 0.38 oz
Homemade foil lid - 0.10 oz
6 Banana Design Ti spoon - 0.23 oz
6 Banana Designs - Banana Skin Gravity Water Filter / Filter Bag - 5.61oz)
Might also used to Bear Bag my Food??
6 Banana Design Pot Cozy - (??? oz)
Mini Bic Lighter - (??? oz)
6 Banana Design 1L Water Bags - 2 = 0.80oz

Option For Wood Stove: "Working"
Cat Food Can Wood Stove etc
6 Banana Designs Folding Wood Saw - 1.63oz

Sunglasses (0.5 oz)
6 Banana Design Trekking Pole - 3.2 oz (2 of 2)
Compass - (???? oz)
PDA/ Cell Phone - (???? oz)
Journal Kit - (??? oz)
Light Weight Digital Camera (new)
Tripod Third Leg and Parts ?.??oz
???? Watch - (??? oz)
6 Banana Design UL First-Aid Kit (???? oz)
Emergency Whistle - (???? oz)*
LED micro light - (???? oz)*
Small pocket knife - (???? oz)*
???? Repair Items / Duct Tape - ???? oz
Money, CC, DL etc - (??? oz

TOTAL SKIN-OUT WEIGHT - Less Consumables (Food, Fuel, and Water, etc)

Note 1: All "Banana Skin" Rain items can double as Vapor Barrier Items.
Note 2: Down or PG-D baffels inter-changable between Pants-Jacket and Sleeping System.

6 - CONSUMABLES (Food, Fuel, Water, etc) (Variable)
FOOD - For Planning 2 pounds Per Day
FUEL - ???
WATER- For Planning (normal) 2 liters at any one time.
TP: 4" x 4" blue shop towel squares - 1 / day (0.5 oz)
Blister & minor wound care supplies (1.0 oz)
Dr. Bronner's in dropper bottle (0.25 oz)
Noseeum mesh headnet (0.7 oz)
Deet in BMW small dropper bottle (.15 oz) 0.15oz
Alcohol hand gel in small bottle (0.5 oz)
Small Pack Towel. Toothbrush, TP - (??? oz)
Sun Screen SPF 30 - (??? oz)
Katadyn Hiker Pro - Modified Filter
Katadyn M1 tablets- 6 (.18 oz) ??


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