Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pertex Quantum Vest -31 grams / 1.09 ounces - Test 2

It is Sunday evening and I just returned from a 2 mile walk. The temperature is 58 degrees (F), a good cool breeze blowing and overcast.

I was wearing my Patagonia #2 Merino Wool Hoody but did not wear the hood. I was wearing my new Pertex Quantum (PQ) vest over it. I did not have anything on under the #2 Merino Wool Hoody.

The PQ vest does a really great job blocking the wind. When I was sheltered from the cool breeze I could really tell the difference. Out of the wind I did not get hot but It did make me think about adding a zipper to the front of the vest for venting. I have a few #3 coil "YKK" 2-way separating zippers and I will weigh one and see how much it would add to the weight of the vest.


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